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Dielectric to Showcase HD Plus Antenna

Dielectric says the HD Plus antenna will be the highlight in its booth.

Dielectric says the HD Plus antenna will be the highlight in its booth.

The company says it achieves the level of analog and digital signal isolation necessary for IBOC broadcasts, and does so without the isolator required by most antenna systems recently approved by the FCC for HD Radio operation.

The HD Plus can be integrated alongside existing analog FM antennas, allowing a station to continue analog broadcasting while adding a digital broadcast of the same signal at the same frequency.

Dielectric also will have the HDR Dibrid combiner on display, which facilitates IBOC radio broadcasts the combine analog and dual-sideband digital signals. The Dibrid does not use switches, so it permits “hot switching” that keeps broadcasters on the air as functions are changed. The company says this feature also extends the operating life of transmitter components.

Other products include the DCR-C ring-style antenna, circularly polarized with a power rating of 10 kW per section and available in stacked arrays of up to 16 sections; and FLEXLine flexible dielectric cable in air and foam configurations.

FLEXLine Air coaxial cable is available in 7/8-inch through 6-1/8-inch line sizes; Foam FLEXLine is available in 1/2-, 7/8- and 1-5/8-inch sizes. The cables feature copper inner conductors, a closed-cell foamed polyethylene insulator, polyethylene jackets and an oxygen-free copper corrugated outer conductor.

Booth: 309