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Digigram Explores IP Audio Broadcast Solutions

IQOYA family focuses on transport

Digigram plans to promote its IQOYA V*CALL, an IP-based software codec that is intended to help broadcasters make the move from ISDN to IP audio with confidence. The company calls it a suitable choice for users who are already running a PC-based application on an existing computer and need a codec to plug into an IP audio infrastructure. It is compatible with Digigram sound cards and is RTP/UDP IP audio, SIP/SDP, VoIP phone compatible and EBU Tech- 3326 (N/ACIP) compliant.

The system can bring IP codec functionality to a PC-based radio automation or logging application. It has a simple, optimized GUI and allows application developers to bridge any DirectSound application to IP infrastructures. The codec interacts remotely with other IQOYA software such as V*MOTE for status checks, AGC control, on-air and talk signals.

Also featured will be IQOYA V*MOTE (shown), a broadcast software application with simple ergonomics so that a reporter need not worry about technical details. It turns any laptop into an IP codec for reporter contribution or remote voice-over. It can be remotely controlled, providing assistance when used with other Digigram IQOYA codecs, to include on-air signal light, talkback signal light, audio settings such as AGC, and automatic local backup recording. It incorporates EBU Tech Spec 3326 (N/ACIP) interoperability standards for ease of calling any studio or receiving a connection without having to know network or audio format parameters.

“Just add a small audio interface such as the Digigram UAX220-Mic and the solution is complete,” the company promises.

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