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Digigram Visits ‘Cancun’

USB interface has unusual form factor

With a clean, all-white look, the Cancun USB audio interface from Digigram might look more at home in a science fiction movie.

The Cancun certainly looks different than any other USB interface. Along with the white slim plastic case, light gray paint outlines text and descriptions while most controls are flush-mounted/touch-control. Two scroll wheels are the most prominent controls. LED status lights and meters are beneath the semi-translucent touch-panel surface.

Cancun is available in two versions, defined by I/O – Cancun 222-Mic, two-in and two-out and the Cancun 442-Mic, four-in and four-out. Inputs/outputs are handled via Neutrik XLR breakout cables. The Cancun can handle analog and AES/EBU digital input simultaneously.

Digigram specs the mic preamp at 55dB gain, 100 dB THD+N, -126 dB EIN. Cancun will be available by the end of the year according to Digigram.