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Digital Alert Systems Upgrades One-Net & DASDEC

V3.1 meets latest compliance mandates

Monroe Electronics, along with its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary, have provided a software upgrade to the One-Net and DASDEC platforms for advanced Emergency Alert Systems and Common Alerting Protocol messaging compliance. The new Version 3.1 of the One-Net and DASDEC platforms provides the latest compliance mandates, operational improvements and security features.

One of the key new features of the upgrade is the inclusion of MPEG-DASH message playout. Customers can now add MPEG-DASH to One-Net SE and DASDEC-II devices. In addition, the internal MPEG-2 encoder now includes an option switch to provide a constant stream to maintain continuity with downstream encoders and other devices.

The upgrade also features an update for emergency alert authentication to address changes made by U.S. and Canadian authorities. This includes the latest FEMA IPAWS and Pelmorex NAAD digital certificates, which are required to ensure proper validation and authentication of emergency alert messages.

More features that make up Version 3.1 include a new selector to normalize radio and CAP alert audio output levels; an upgraded Alert Agent with improved handling of rare alert cases; enhancement to the network settings; an addition of a RSYSLOG function; and support for the new upgrades to Custom Message Pro.

Previous users of Version 3.0 will be able to upgrade to Version 3.1 for free. Customers upgrading from older versions will need to purchase a Version 3.0 enabling key before installing Version 3.1.