D&M’s Vibe FM Offers Options

Features MPX, stereo, AES/EBU, RDS encoder and LAN for direct streaming
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SAN PIETRO IN CASALE, Italy —D&M Broadcast’s Vibe FM multiband audio processor features MPX, stereo, AES/EBU, RDS encoder and LAN for direct streaming.

The three or six-band Vibe FM is fed by a wideband AGC, while DSP manages the audio processing and RDS/MPX encoding, and offers the possibility for operators to implement new functions through software updates.

In addition, an optional Ethernet streaming card lets users play MP3/AAC+ streams and files. It forms a complete stream to the MPX + RDS receiver for use as a spare audio source or STL network. In this configuration, the audio signal coming from the network is processed by the DSP and converted to analog through the MPX output, thus creating an entirely digital processing chain.

For information, contact D&M Broadcast in Italy +39-051-0312903 or visit www.dmbroadcast.it.