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DPA D:fines the Headset

Mic maker goes Danish Modern with new mics

Microphone maker DPA has a new headset mic family, the d:fine line.

The d:fine family is a change on the standard muff and lollipop style, choosing a more stylish “head-worn” mic approach. The d:fine is available in one and two-ear hook models, with switchable long and short (4-centimeter) booms. The single-ear model has a removable ear hook assembly.

The microphone element at the end of the boom can be omni or directional. Colors available are the typical slim-line headset colors of black and beige while brown and lime green are also choices. There are connector options to match in-house equipment. The cable is detachable.

Also new on the DPA front is a live sound vocal mic aimed at broadcast events, the d:facto. The d:facto is built on DPA’s 4011 but optimized for live duty with an improved three-stage internal shockmount and extended SPL-handling capabilities. It has a supercardioid pattern. The microphone was tested on the Danish TV talent show, “Voice of Denmark.”