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D&R Adds Axum and Airence-USB

Dutch manufacturer introduces two new desks

D&R, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, has introduced two new consoles, the Axum and Airence-USB.

The Axum is targeted toward broadcast studios and is meant to serve as a complete platform, adaptable to future technical developments. The Axum’s network platform, says the firm, makes it possible to start with a simple and dedicated solution and upgrade easily according to future flexibility and/or functionality requirements.

The new Airence-USB radio console in-split version is a low-cost radio console with built-in USB remote control for use with playout systems. The main unit allows four USB stereo audio channels to be played back and record simultaneously over one USB cable.

The internal HID-based USB control section can manage up to 24 switch functions and an encoder (scroll) function. A software meter/clock application is part of the delivery.