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D&R to Launch v6 of Aircast

Company plans to discontinue the dongle license option and hardware shipping

It’ll be a new year and a new version of the Aircast music playout software, D&R announced recently.

The Aircast 6.00 STD is a license of one PC that will allow the user to locally create a music database on that PC; the user can also log on to another PC with a STD+DB license and use the music stored on that PC.

The Aircast 6.00 STD+DB has the same capabilities, but can also be used as a server and can offer its music database to other STD and ST+DB users. The Aircast 6.00 VT license allows users to remotely connect to a STD+DB license to voice track from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

The license upgrade and existing software license is free of charge when bought within the last three months; if older, Aircast will charge 50 percent of the present end user license cost.

With this upgrade, Aircast has also announced that it plans to discontinue its dongle license option and stop hardware shipping. Existing dongles will continue to work unless a customer wants to upgrade, in which case Aircast will convert the dongle license into a software license.