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DTS: Hybrid Radio Project Not Just Another Streaming App

Jeff Jury talks about an upcoming advance in digital radio

The people who bring us HD Radio want radio to keep its position in the center stack of cars of the future. So DTS came to the LA Mobility Expo/Auto Show with information on its hybrid radio project.

The term “hybrid radio” has been used to describe several tech efforts from entities like NextRadio and RadioDNS. DTS is in development with one of its own that has yet to be named, and it is working with several automakers on it. The work-in-progress would combine over-the-air radio (AM, FM, HD and worldwide DAB) along with IP data enhancements to give a listener an enhanced listening experience.

Jeff Jury, general manager of automotive and HD Radio at DTS, says the goal is to take advantage of radio’s ability to deliver one-to-many content, while using IP data from a smartphone or an embedded subscription modem to add to the content while not consuming much of the consumer’s data plan.

“For us, it’s an expansion of what we’re doing with HD. When you talk with car companies, what they really want is a global product.” Jury believes hybrid radio will help ensure that radio on a global basis is a more compelling feature in the car.

“The key to value (for hybrid radio) for the consumer is using radio, which they know and love today and building off of it. We’re not trying to be one more guy trying to do streaming; not everyone around the world has streaming available to them. A global product has to work in North America, South America, Europe and Asia; radio is a common element of that.”