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Elenos Expands Compact Transmission Solutions

Puts emphasis on efficiency, robustness

Elenos’ low- and medium-power FM transmitter line will be featured at the NAB Show.

Available in nine power levels from 20–3,000 watts, the line now includes the ETG3000 digital transmitter. These compact transmitters, says the firm, offer high efficiency, planar design and remote control operation (SMS, GPRS, SNMP, Internet, Web).

The new ETG3500 FM Indium transmitter features audio MPX input, mono, stereo and AES/EBU, TC TS cards. The 3,500 watt transmitter, promising electrical efficiency of 70 percent, has an OLED display, GSM telemetry, Web browser and SNMP agent. It is equipped with RF LDMOS devices and planar technology as well as six cooling fans to ensure operation under all environmental conditions.

The company also will show the ET30000-5 solid-state FM transmitter, which features ICEFET technology to maintain low temperatures and reduce consumption. The ET30000-5 is a compact unit, housed in one cabinet.

The Elenos E.Box SNMP remote control system, which can be linked to transmitters, exciters, amplifiers and telemetry units, is equipped with a Web interface and SNMP agent. The configurable system features a traps on/off option and can manage a high number of variables and trap, the company says.

NAB Show Booth: C1723