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ENCO and Benztown Provide Integration

Accessing Benztown content directly from ENCO’s DAD automation platform

In what could be a look at things to come, imaging and production library services provider Benztown and radio automation developer ENCO Systems have worked together to make Benztown’s content immediately accessible through the GUI of ENCO’s DAD automation platform.

A release explains, “The new system enables seamless, intuitive and quick radio production and imaging that provides radio producers and air talent with immediate access to Benztown’s production library content, including automated customized content updates pushed out to stations per their specifications in real time. The new automation system goes one step further by offering direct integration of content to production-oriented systems, with no extra steps involved in downloading content toolsets from other websites and apps.”

Benztown President Dave Denes said, “This is the first time that production libraries have ever been integrated into an automation system for radio production.”

ENCO General Manager Ken Frommert said, “The integration of Benztown’s production and imaging libraries with DAD radio automation represents an evolution of the flexibility and power built into our products.”