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ENCO Offers Tools for Datacasting, Podcasting, Multicasting

ENCO Offers Tools for Datacasting, Podcasting, Multicasting

ENCO Systems has packaged a set of Digital Audio Delivery system options that it says will ease management of multiple streams of audio or data from a DAD application.
The ENCORE option lets broadcasters develop Webcasting formats to supplement streaming audio to the Web. It supports distribution of data, including cut information such as artist or title, to an IP address or RDS encoder. The option’s set of XML tools facilitate linking of artist Web sites, or e-commerce sites for selling featured music or other products online.
ENCO says its DAD archiving and library management tools help in the task of making podcasts, on-demand content and multicast streams available. A DAD application supports 18 simultaneous automation applications such as multiple playbacks or on-air assist, and addresses new broadcast requirements for multicasting, whether in support of HD audio/data streams, separate stations or separate media.
DAD’s Web streaming, playback state and XML functionality is bundled in its ENCORE option. Multicasting and podcasting capabilities are included as standard DAD features and also are available now.
Booths: N-617, C-2507F

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