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ENCO Seeks to Put the Competition on ICE

Citing 'instability' in the radio automation market, it introduces a free converter

ENCO Systems, maker of the DAD audio delivery system, has developed an automation converter for its DAD and recently released Presenter systems.

Called ICE (Intelligent Conversion Engine), the program converts audio and data from other automation systems into a compatible form for use with DAD or Presenter.

ENCO President Eugene Novacek said the company has been approached by stations “concerned about their automation software supplier going out of business or being sold or resold, fearing their current product would no longer be supported. The thought of having to rerecord or rerip thousands of audio cuts and associated metadata made things even worse. ICE gives them the freedom to move to DAD or Presenter without the daunting task of having to recreate their libraries.”

The offering is free. ENCO VP of Sales and Marketing Don Backus said: “Given the instability of the radio automation market right now, we decided to make the Intelligent Conversion Engine available at no charge for a limited time to stations and clusters switching from a competitive system to either DAD or Presenter.”