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Energy-Onix Legend Is Main, Backup or Emergency Tx

Energy-Onix Legend Is Main, Backup or Emergency Tx

Energy-Onix says its Legend 1500C medium-power solid-state FM broadcast transmitter tunes as easily as a car radio.
The broadband design of the Legend Series “C” makes it suitable as a main transmitter or as a backup for multiple stations in a single market. Trailer-mounted, it serves as a portable emergency transmitter for group owners.
The Legend 1500C comes with the manufacturer’s frequency agile exciters. Dial in the desired frequency on the exciter to change frequency.
The “hot-pluggable” 500 watt drawer can be removed or inserted while the Legend is on the air. The transmitter continues to operate at reduced power with a PA drawer removed.
Additionally, each mosfet used in the transmitter is protected by its own thermal protection circuitry; each 500 watt amplifier is protected by a VSWR foldback circuit.
Energy-Onix is also exhibiting Digital Radio Express, which lets stations broadcast several digital programs at once, allowing multiple formats on one transmitter. It is compatible with IBOC and analog.
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