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Energy-Onix to Feature FMeXtra System

Energy-Onix to Feature FMeXtra System

For those looking for alternative ways to do digital radio, Energy-Onix will exhibit DRE’s FMeXtra multi-channel digital subcarrier system, as well as a prototype receiver.
The system demonstrated will transmit analog stereo and two additional digital stereo channels simultaneously, the company stated.
“This can be done on any standard conventional FM transmitter with the addition of one $8,900 DRE FMeXtra encoder,” it said. “No modifications to existing FM transmitter, antenna, STL or studio are required, and there are no additional licensing or royalty fees.”
A protype of a multi-channel $100 receiver will also be displayed.
The DRE FMeXtra system supports multiple programs as well as data services, limited only by the audio compression rates selected.
“This flexibility provides the broadcaster with innumerable combinations of programming,” the supplier said. “For example running voice-only programming results in up to 20 separate channels, or running stereo programming only results in up to five channels of separate stereo programs – or any combination of independent stereo, mono, voice or data programs desired within the limits of the FMeXtra data capacity configuration provided by the broadcasters mode of operation.”
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