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Engineering Conference Adds Talmage Ball

Engineering Conference Adds Talmage Ball

“Using GPS to Run AM Partial-Proof Radials,” a presentation by Bonneville International VP of Engineering Talmage Ball, has been added to the Broadcast Engineering Conference lineup on Thursday April 27 at 10 a.m., according to NAB.
The presentation covers a weakness of the typical GPS meter – it does not produce a bearing reading toward the direction of the transmitter that is accurate enough to use as radial information, the organizers said. The proposed method in this presentation uses external mapping software to produce a visible line on the screen of the GPS meter that can be used to locate the center of the radial.
A demonstration using the Garmin Quest II, GPS-V meters and MapSource (NAVTEQ) software will be presented to show their role in locating measuring points on radials of WFED(AM), Washington.
Location: LVCC, S-227