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ERI Has New Antennas

New transmission support equipment also on hand

Antenna and transmission support specialist Electronics Research, Inc. has several new pieces of equipment to show in Las Vegas.

Two new antennas lead the way. The 1190 series is an FM panel antenna (shown) for single-frequency directional and nondirectional applications. A release notes that the “individual 1190 elements are rated to handle up to 18 kW of input power and include an integrated hybrid power divider so each element requires only a single transmission line.”

Other new antenna offerings are additions to the AL low-power UHF TV antennas series. The new models are 2-, 4- and 6-gain models, available in horizontal, elliptical and circular polarization and omnidirectional, Omnioid and cardioid azimuth patterns.

ERI is also brining in the new 955 series constant impedance ganged circulator system. The 955 “addresses the need for additional isolation in dual input FM antennas and combining systems.” It works with digital or analog FM transmitters, up to 80 kW.

Also new is a low-power UHF filter, the CF2001, a band-pass mask filter. A releases describes it as a “1.5 kW filter, constructed of lightweight aluminum, is temperature stable with a pseudo elliptic response and compact in size.” It is available in 6-pole and 8-pole versions and it can be tuned for full service or a stringent mask. The CF2001 ships with 1-5/8-inch 50 ohm EIA connectors but 7-16 DIN connectors are optional.

NAB Show Booth: C2612