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EtherSound Gurus Now Available

You can also appoint yourself one

Where do you turn when you are considering installing an EtherSound network? What do you do when installing one network or your current network isn’t performing up to par? How can you get the latest on EtherSound?

Why, you turn to an EtherSound guru. But until now they haven’t been exactly listed in the Yellow Pages.

Thanks to the Network Audio Guru, those dark days have come to an end. The Web site lists EtherSound experts and their fields of expertise, such as broadcast, touring, concert hall, etc.

According to Remy Oudinot, marketing communications for EtherSound’s parent Digigram, “Many of those will be looking at the site to see how they can incorporate EtherSound technology into their project and it offers them the solutions they need… We offer a comprehensive international directory of audio professionals with proven expertise in audio networks using EtherSound.”

The site is also open to those EtherSound experts who wish to anoint themselves as gurus. Oudinot said: “The principal registration requirement is that applicants must have hands-on experience of using EtherSound and/or designing systems incorporating EtherSound networks.”