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Europe’s Digital Radio Rollout, Part I

Part I takes a look at the countries in the “Leaders” category

GENEVA — The European Broadcasting Union’s Media Intelligence Service has issued a Digital Radio Report, highlighting where the roll-out of DAB digital terrestrial radio stands throughout Europe.

A segment of the report indicates which European countries are leading the way in the transition to digital radio, which are embracing it, countries that recently launched digital radios services and those currently without a market for digital radio. The study offers detailed outlines of the plans for each country in the four categories.

According to the report, which was released during the EBU Digital Radio Summit, held in Geneva as part of Digital Radio Week, some of the countries that fall under the “wait-and-see” category include Austria, Ireland, Hungary and Sweden. The report indicates that Norway is the farthest along in terms of its digital transition, with currently 60 percent penetration of digital receivers. Norway also has a scheduled date for switching off analog, 2017.

The report also highlights major developments of digital radio in Europe in relation to topics like technology, policy and regulation, public communications, consumer electronics and the car industry.

Over the next four months Radio World International will publish excerpts from the MIS report, broken down into four categories:“Leaders,” “Embracers,” “Newbies” and “Wait-and-See.”

In part one of our four-part series, this month we take a look at the countries in the “Leaders” category. The full Digital Radio Report is available here.