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E-V RE20 Gets Another Spinoff

Familiar face gets a sibling

For a lot of people, the Electro-Voice RE20 is THE microphone that radio broadcasters use. Its large size and unique look make it an icon, easily recognized in movies and pictures.

For some other people the RE20 is an unbeatable drum mic, especially for bass drums. Recognizing that, Electro-Voice has released the RE320, basically an RE20 with a switchable kick drum EQ curve added in.

Oh, it will still give that unmistakable loving massage to the voice. In that sense it carries the standard RE20 features: cardioid pattern, dynamic element, humbucking coil, internal pop filters and EV’s Variable-D proximity-defeating technology. And like so many EV mics, it’s built to take a licking.

$499 MSRP, $299 street. No official product sheet available online as of today.