Eventide Delay Adds WheatNet-IP

Broadcast delay becomes IP networkable
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Wheatstone and Eventide have worked together to make Eventide’s well-known BD600 broadcast delay compatible with WheatNet-IP and other AES67 networks in the form of a dedicated unit, the BD600W.

The magic is courtesy of a built-in WheatNet card. The addition of WheatNet-IP networking allows for the BD600W to function in a WheatNet-IP environment and be remote controlled via IP as well.

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The BD600W follows the stock BD600 in features: up to 80 seconds of profanity protection or 10 seconds of MicroPrecision Delay that can be finely measured in microseconds or video frames. There is also a “Panic” feature wherein a prerecorded WAV file can play while the profanity buffer rebuilds. Analog and AES/EBU digital I/O are included.

For current owners of the BD600, there will be factory-installed retrofitting and field upgrade options. Price: $3,995


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Eventide Delay Takes Affordable Route

Eventide, inventor of the digital broadcast obscenity delay, has introduced a low-cost broadcast delay that will give stations that cannot afford a more costly delay system a means of protecting themselves during live-caller programs.