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Eventide Issues Software Upgrade

Updates BD600/BD600E broadcast delay hardware

Eventide has announced version 1.6 software upgrade for its broadcast delay units, the BD600 and the BD600E.

Available as a free download at, the upgrade effects the functionality of the BD600 series in two key areas.

In “MicroPrecision” mode, the delay now extends to 20 seconds. This mode can be used for synching analog with digital signals in an HD Radio broadcast chain or for delaying the signal to compensate for satellite delay on TV simulcasts. The delay is adjustable in subsample increments, is tweakable in real time, while on-air, with no audible artifacts.

For compatibility with certain exciters, 1,200 baud support has also been added.

The digital BD600 and its sibling, the BD600E with expanded control ability, offer 80 seconds of 24-bit profanity delay protection, with an adjustable delay buffer in 0.5-second increments from 1 second to 80 seconds, and feature Panic mode, where if the maximum delay buffer has been deployed, a WAV file can be played from an inserted Compact Flash memory card while the buffer is rebuilding in the background.

NAB Booth: C2634