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Excitement Over New Exciter

Aphex updates classic broadcast and studio equipment

Aphex Systems has announced that several of its well-known rack-mounted processors and interfaces are getting updates.

Leading the pack is the familiar Aural Exciter (and its sibling, the bass enhancing optical “Big Bottom”). Aphex was a little skimpy on details about what has changed, preferring to drum up curious visitors to its InfoComm show booth.

The company line is that it’s a facelift and then some, replacing the Model 204 and adding Universal/International (switching) power supply, a new front-panel design and “the latest in manufacturing techniques for reliability and consistency.”

Meantime the company also is updating its Model 230 preamp/multiprocessor, aka The Channel.

According to Aphex, the new version includes “Aphex’s RPA (Reflected Plate Amplifier) Tube Preamp, EasyRider Class A Compressor, Aural Exciter, Big Bottom and other technologies exclusive to the unique Aphex sound.”