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FCC Adopts ‘White Spaces’ Rules

Says wireless mics will be protected

The Federal Communications Commission this week adopted a Second Report and Order that establishes rules to allow wireless devices to operate in broadcast television spectrum on a secondary basis at locations where that spectrum is open. This unused TV spectrum is widely called television “white spaces.”

Broadcasters and others have protested the rules, saying the new devices could interfere with wireless mics.

The FCC stated, “Wireless microphones will be protected in a variety of ways. The locations where wireless microphones are used, such as sporting venues and event and production facilities, can be registered in the database and will be protected in the same way as other services. The commission also has required that devices include the ability to listen to the airwaves to sense wireless microphones as an additional measure of protection for these devices.”

In addition, “All white space devices are subject to equipment certification by the FCC Laboratory,” said the agency.

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