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Finding the Right Mic

Gimmick or life-save? Ear Machine and myMicSound help with mic searches

Perhaps it’s a gimmicky, amusing site; or perhaps it’s a life-saver.

Andy Sabin’s Ear Machine/myMicSound could warrant a look from radio production personnel.

The idea behind myMicSound is to provide a venue to “test” a variety of microphones by running a digital file through a list of modeled microphones. The file can be selected from one on the site or provided by the user. For radio broadcasters perhaps a recording of a jock or V/O gal.

The collection of mics available is large and includes many if not most well-known/classic microphones. Sabin and crew are creating additional models. For the hypertechnically-minded, myMicSound tries to take into account the microphone that was originally used to record the DJ and eliminate its color before moving onto the mic parade.

Sabin (yes, that is his name) said, “MyMicSound provides a simple and comprehensive way for DJs to search across more than 1,000 microphone sounds to determine which make their own voice sound the best.”