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Fluke Delivers New T&M Products

New clamp meters and oscilloscopes for less-than-ideal environments

Test and measurement equipment maker Fluke has celebrated the holiday season with a slew of new products.

The Fluke 381, shown, is a remote display true-RMS AC/DC handheld clamp meter with a detachable display. According to Fluke the remote/wireless LCD display operates up to 30 feet away from the measurement point. Measurement capability is 1000 A AC and DC current with fixed jaw; 1000 V AC and DC; frequencies to 500 Hz and True-RMS AC voltage and current for measurements on nonlinear signals. It features min, max, average and in-rush recording to capture variations automatically and 60 kohms resistance measurement with continuity detection.

The 381 also utilizes the iFlex flexible loop probe used for measuring items that a normally clamp can’t handle.

The 365 is a handheld clamp meter but in its case the clamp is detachable, looking more like a jump cable. Measurement capability is 200 A AC and DC current with fixed jaw; 600 V AC and DC and resistance of 6 kohms.

Also new from Fluke are the ScopeMeter 190 Series II portable oscilloscopes designed for troubleshooting power system problems in “harsh” environments. The battery-operated four-channel models are sealed, they’re dust- and drip-proof and are rated IP-51. Sample rates are up to 2.5 GSps and 400 picoseconds of resolution.

A color LCD adds details to the display. A USB port adds computer-compatibility. Available in 100 MHz and 200 MHz bandwidths.