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Fostex Updates Monitor

Venerable 6301 gets a few tweaks

A familiar face for decades in broadcast studios, the little Fostex 6301 powered speaker is getting a handful of modernizing updates.

The 6301N series will feature a 20 W Class D digital amp, have a standby mode when not in use, handle multiple voltages and use a detachable power cable. It will offer a variety of connection options, depending on the model: electrically-balanced XLR (6301NE), transformer-balanced XLR (6301NX), 1/4-inch (6301NB) and AES/EBU digital (6301ND).

Beyond those changes, everything else should remain the same. The 6301 has a single, full-range driver along with a level control, inside an aluminum body and grille.

Price: $299.