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From Thomson Broadcast, a DRM-FM Solution

NAB Sneak Peek: High-Quality, Long-Range Distribution

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Thomson Broadcast will use the NAB Show to highlight a new Digital Radio Mondiale-based system that promises a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for distributing and broadcasting radio programs over long distances, and to dispersed populations.

To provide high-audio quality and robust long-range distribution, the system, which Thomson says is applicable worldwide, makes use of DRM technology to transmit over AM (short-, long- and medium-wave, according to the distance to be covered) to a local DRM-FM transponder.

When the transponder receives the DRM signal, it demodulates it and transposes it into FM; the low-power FM transmitter then provides the program for local listeners, who can use any existing standard FM receiver to hear it, as well as many phones and MP3 players.

The DRM-FM rebroadcasting transmitter itself is designed as a robust stand-alone system. The transmitting power and energy consumption are low, making it possible to use a photovoltaic power supply to free the system from public energy supplies and from running costs. The installation is simple enough to be done by a customer’s technical personnel.

The company believes this system brings benefits of a high-quality digital signal to a large audience, without requiring DRM receivers to listen to the broadcasts — an important step in the digital future of radio.

In parallel, the DRM signal can also feed an increasing number of new DRM receivers that are introduced within the same area during a transition period.

NAB Show Booth: SU3012