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Frontier Silicon Launches Verona 2

DAB digital radio module is based on 4th generation Kino 4 chip

Frontier Silicon has premiered a new DAB digital radio module based on its 4th generation Kino 4 chip.

The company explains that the Verona 2 module is a digital radio solution based on a chip that integrates RF, baseband, application processor, audio decode and DAC functionality on a single piece of silicon. This builds on earlier generations of Frontier Silicon’s Kino chip series.

Verona 2 features 50 percent lower consumption than its predecessor, as well as enhanced performance and functionality — at a lower cost, points out Frontier Silicon. Its modular form factor also enables shorter time to market and is U.K. Digital Tick compliant.

The Verona 2 module will power all major categories of consumer DAB digital radio devices, including portable radios, clock radios, docks, home audio systems and radio receivers with Bluetooth connectivity.

Frontier Silicon also plans to rollout a range of new functionality based on the Kino 4 solution over the next 18 months.