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Furman to Debut New Voltage Regulator

P-3600 aims to ease power problems for using portable products

Nothing takes the fun out of remotes faster than equipment power problems. This is especially true when working in foreign countries, many of whom have questionable power grids or use different power specs.

The Furman Prestige Series P-3600 AR G hopes to solve those power problems. It is a 3RU power conditioner/true RMS voltage regulator that offers a power management solution for professionals around the globe. The P-3600 AR G ensures stable 120 V power delivery from any input voltage source between 100 V to 127 V or 208V to 240V. The unit provides connected 120 V equipment with stable voltage, power protection, and AC line filtration, suitable for use with 120 V gear when traveling to countries with 100 V, 220 V, 230 V, or 240 V services.

The P-3600 AR G’s predecessor, the Furman AR-PRO, has been a useful product for many professional users. The updated model features Furman’s True RMS Regulation Technology (utilizing an ultra-low-noise torroidal isolation transformer/autoformer, high-current switching TRIACs, and microprocessing control) to step down or step up input voltages. The unit also offers Furman’s LiFT/SMP/EVS technologies for professional-level protection and linear AC noise filtration.

The company says these features, along with the P-3600 AR G’s 30A output capacity and wide input voltage capture range, make it a unique solution among portable power conditioner/voltage regulators and a reliable, application-specific alternative to typical step-up/step-down transformers.

The P-3600 AR G will be available 2010.