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Futuri Media Launches TopicPulse Content Stream

Discovery tool adds format- and demographic-specific topic idea generators

Cleveland-based audience engagement technology provider Futuri Media has introduced the TopicPulse content stream, currently available for the TopicPulse desktop app. The feature will be live in the mobile app soon.

According to Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig, this new feature adds “science to the art of show prep and story selection” through data.

Content stream scans local social media posts and news sources to deliver demographic-specific insights to broadcasters.

TopicPulse users can now see a live stream of content ideas specific to their format and target audience, based on TopicPulse’s data and also curated by Futuri’s writers and producers. Additionally, format-specific content is also emailed to users twice per day, intended to help with prep for morning and afternoon drive show prep.

According to the company, content stream material is intended to translate well on air and on social media.

Futuri Media platforms are currently in use at more than 1,000 TV and radio stations in 20 countries.