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GatesAir Beefs Up Intraplex HD Link

Throughput improvement and new features for STL link

Broadcast equipment manufacturer GatesAir has announced new features and improved specs for its Intraplex HD Link, a 950 MHz microwave STL link. The HD Link can transport AM/FM analog, HD Radio and IP data.

According to the announcement, upgrades to the architecture could lead to “as much as double IP data capacity to support higher channel counts and increase audio fidelity, while strengthened backup connectivity further enhances IP transport reliability.”

Specifically it says, “[R]adio broadcasters can now deliver up to 13 stereo channels across a 3 MBps STL link using 192 Kbps AAC compression; and further escalate audio channel carriage using advanced codecs like AAC-HE, AAC-HEv2 or Opus. The HD Link’s initial IP data capacity can be expanded from the previous apex of 1536 Kbps to 2400, 2800 or 3200 Kbps depending on the broadcaster’s channel count and audio fidelity needs …”

New features include Intraplex SynchroCast simulcasting technology.