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Gepco Beefs Up the Category

Heavy-duty Cat-5e cable available

Wire and cable maker Gepco has released a series of heavy-duty Cat-5e cable.

Aimed at portable and remote Ethernet patching duties, the CT504HD series has three types. Besides the basic CT504HD there is the CT504HDX has solid 24 AWG conductors rather than the stranded conductors of the basic cable. The third variety is the CT4504HDX, a four-channel snake using the HDX cable.

All members of the CT504HD series feature double jackets for added durability. The exterior jacket is a tough thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Terminations are available in RJ-45 and Neutrik etherCON.

Joe Zajac, manager, Gepco brand product engineering and operations for General Cable, stated: “The concern among Cat-5e cable users in the professional audio/video industry has been that it isn’t durable enough to handle the traditional wear and tear associated with the workload.” He said the CT504HD series was designed for portable applications and remote environments.