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Gifts for Apple Gadget Owners

The place to park the iPhone AND iPod AND listen to the radio

Consumer electronics maker iLuv put a little thought into the iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock.

They no doubt noticed that many people who owned an iPod also had an iPhone. Where to park those gadgets at night to rejuice?

Instead of having rechargers and docks all over the place why not put them together?

And put them into a dock where they can play while recharging. And add an FM radio for variety, especially a radio that can receive NOAA/S.A.M.E. weather hazard alerts. And put in an alarm clock and some decent speakers and a large LCD screen. Add in some timers, memory functions and battery operation, as well. …

That must have been the work order for the iMM183.