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Going Axia in Lexington

Studio and equipment upgrades at WUKY

LEXINGTON, KY. — Here at WUKY(FM)/91.3 MHz in Kentucky, we recently went through a major transition period when we moved our studios into a new space and upgraded our equipment setup.

When it came to the equipment, WUKY chose Axia, specifically the Fusion AoIP console, at the recommendation of engineering consultant William Smith. William had used the products to great success in a previous build for another client and we were confident that he could help us achieve the same results.

We decided to embrace state-of-the-art digital technology to bring WUKY into the 21st century. Our old plant was a mishmash of analog and digital equipment that had grown out of control over the 79 years that we inhabited our previous location.


The new gear that we purchased included an Axia Fusion with studio engines/power supplies, Axia Pathfinder software, Telos Alliance xNode audio interfaces, Axia SoftSurface virtual console software, Telos VX broadcast VoIP phones and VSets, and Axia iProFiler automated program archiving software. The system allowed us to shed our analog gear entirely in exchange for the flexibility and cleaner signal path of an all-digital system.

The space that we moved into had been a recording studio, and there were certainly challenges in converting it into a broadcast facility. They were miniscule, however, compared to the expense and delay of constructing a new facility or even renovating our old facility. We had to rewire the building to accept all of the Ethernet connections needed to implement the new system, as well as build a tower onsite to beam the signal back to our transmitter via a hop back on campus.

The other challenge was transferring our operations to the new building while the old plant was still online. We promised UK Facilities that we would be out of our old location by April 1 to allow them to repurpose the space for another department. It was tight, but we made the deadline and were broadcasting from the new site by mid-March. Now we get to use our new Axia gear every day for broadcasting and production, and while it took a little time to adjust, the sound quality and convenience of audio anywhere in the building were well worth it.

With a big, new space available, we hope to have many live acts in, as well as forums, fundraisers and other events where people can come and take advantage of the space. We’re already in talks to record live shows and we’re exploring a possible music festival with local partners.

The new building, combined with the power and flexibility of Axia and Livewire, has allowed us to start to dream big about all the possibilities. The new setup will allow us to hold outdoor concerts and easily bring the audio back inside over one single Cat-6 cable. The new gear also allows us to have virtual studios using the SoftSurface, giving us the mobility to bring a studio into “any room in the house.” WUKY is really happy with the new location, and we appreciate the Telos Alliance and Broadcasters General Store for delivering great technology to help us on our way.

For information, contact Cam Eicher at the Telos Alliance in Ohio at 1-216-241-7225 or visit