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Gospell Announces New DRM Receiver

The GR-216 DRM/AM/FM is the first model in firm’s Global Radio range of tabletop radios

The release of Gospell’s GR-216 DRM/AM/FM digital radio receiver is imminent, according to a press release from the company. The China-based supplier of TV equipment, satellite TV receivers and microwave gear also announced that it is now a member of Digital Radio Mondiale.

The first in its Global Radio series of tabletop radios, the GR-216 is designed to receive DRM broadcasts, as well as traditional FM with RDS and AM in medium wave and shortwave bands. It features a DRM/AM/FM tuner and supports xHE-AAC and HE-AAC audio compression standards in addition to SBR and parametric stereo.

According to Gospell, the digital radio has the ability to turn itself on and initiate its emergency-tuning process when the Emergency Warning Broadcasting is engaged. It supports DRM, AM and FM program recording and stores recorded programs on an attached USB pen drive; recordings can also be scheduled. GR-216 comes with a built-in whip antenna and ferrite bar antenna, as well as AM/FM external antenna terminals.

Additional features include a built-in 3-inch full-range speaker; bass, mid and treble tone controls and a graphics equalizer; outputs for headphones and audio; dual independent alarm clocks; and an LCD display.