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Gospell Unveils GR-227 Digital Radio Adaptor

Lets users easily upgrade their car radios to handle digital broadcast formats

Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd. unveiled the GR-227 digital radio adaptor at IBC on Friday during a Digital Radio Mondiale event held at the company’s booth. The adaptor is designed to facilitate digital radio usage in the car.

The compact GR-227 can be added to car stereos, via a USB cable, in order to receive digital radio programs and corresponding data. Based on software-defined radio technology and using the xHE-AAC audio codec, the GR-227 is compatible with both modes of the Digital Radio Mondiale standard as well as the DAB/DAB+ digital radio standards.

According to Gospell, the GR-227 works with car stereos that are fitted with a USB port. Using the firm’s patent-pending technology, the adaptor behaves like a thumb drive when plugged into a USB port, making it compatible with most in-car receivers.

In addition, the GR-227 also features the Gospell Smart Tune App for Android. When partnered with an Android-powered car stereo, this lets users play back the broadcast audio program or benefit from data services.

“By leveraging SDR, we can now combine multiple broadcasting standards together to offer flexibility and cost advantages, coupled with easy installation without the necessity of buying a new car stereo as in traditional solutions,” said Haochun Liu, DRM director, Gospell.

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