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Grace Digital Releases Internet Audio Controller

Use with GDI-IRBM20 allows for Internet streaming and management system

Network audio system developer Grace Digital has announced the availability of an IP-based audio distribution system aimed at businesses.

Using the company’s GDI-IRBM20 hardware, IP software can network units for customized management and playlist options.

According to a release, the software allows for remote powering on/off, volume control; scheduling the radio to change streams; grouping radios by customer or locations; activating/deactivating radios; or creating custom channel lineups per customer.

The GDI-IRBM20 hardware is an Internet audio player that can access Internet radio stations and other feeds. It has a built-in speaker along with stereo and mono (PBX) analog RCA outputs. Ethernet and Wi-Fi allow for contact with the Internet for streaming and management.