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Grace Goes Solo

New Wi-Fi radio cuts cords, ditches broadcast, accesses Internet

A new Wi-Fi radio from Grace Digital, called the Solo, is another example of the radical change the broadcast industry approaches.

Relying on 802.11bgn Wi-Fi for its signal acquisition, the Solo plays Internet-only radio stations, podcasts and broadcasters that are streaming on the Internet. Grace Digital estimates that there are 18,000+ stations there and tens of thousands of more podcasts available to the Solo. It also can interface with Pandora and Live365 music services along with computers for streaming stored music.

The Solo has an onboard Wi-Fi receiver that should connect with any wireless broadband router in the home. It has a four-line, backlit LCD screen for displaying information about program content. Memory allows for presetting of 110 stations. It can also act as an alarm clock.

Standard RCA jacks allow for integration with a consumer stereo system. The Solo does not have its own speaker. It has a remote and a remote app for iPhone/iPod is available. Price: $125.