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Groovy Record Player From TEAC

TEAC celebrates the Summer of Love

It might be a bit late to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “Summer” of Love but maybe TEAC’s psychedelic TN-420 turntable will make a great Christmas gift for the next generation of vinyl enthusiasts (or those survivors over 35).

The most notable feature of the record player is its tie-dye-style graphics, the perfect mood-setter for spinning some Jefferson Airplane wax (33 1/3 or 45 rpm). Of course, it can also play more modern music.

Inside the high-torque DC motor drives a belt to turn the aluminum die-cast platter. There’s an MDF plinth, decoupled feet and floating construction to dampen vibration.

The S-style tone arm ships with an Audio-Technica AT95E dual-moving magnet cartridge. Included are a built-in phono EQ amplifier; switchable, gold-plated RCA phono/line outputs so users can play vinyl with or without the phono EQ; and gold-plated tone-arm contacts.

And, in a nod to our current futuristic needs, a 16-bit/48 kHz A/D USB output provides digital sound.