Hafler Releases Phonograph Preamp

Give your vinyl the treatment it deserves
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In case you haven’t heard, vinyl records are making another one of their once-every-decade “comebacks.”

Taking advantage of that Radial Engineering, through its resurrected Hafler brand, is releasing an old-fashioned phonograph preamplifier.

The PH50 is of a moving magnet/dynamic design, with a built-in RIAA curve. There is also an adjustable (20–500 Hz) low-cut filter.

In typical Radial Engineering overengineering spirit — the PH50 has a 14-gauge steel box for extra shielding. RCA inputs and outputs are gold-plated. Hafler adds, “Inside, the solid-state circuit and military-grade PC board has been optimized by carefully positioning parts for minimal self-noise and cross-talk and then supplemented with a ground plane to reduce susceptibility to RF.”

An external power supply is used to further minimize prospective RF interference. And there is a grounding lug on the rear panel. Price: $449.99.