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Harris Expands Flexiva Line

Flexiva transmitter line gets low-power members

Shown is a 20 kW Harris Flexiva. The company is expanding the line in the lower-power ranges.
Harris Broadcast plans several equipment announcements at next month’s IBC show in Amsterdam.

Top of the list is group of lower-powered Flexiva FM transmitters — 50 W, 150 W, 300 W and 500 W. Previously, the lowest-powered Flexiva was a 1 kW model. The low-powered group is aimed at networks built upon multiple smaller transmitters rather than a single big transmitter.

Also new is an electronic data interchange module for the Apex M2X exciter.

Harris says in a release that the EDI allows for “IP-based distribution of radio broadcast content over multipoint DAB transmission networks.” And that it “enables low-cost, targeted content delivery to many transmitters across large geographic regions.” It explains that the EDI distributes content from the central headend to multiple transmitters, each with a receiving EDI module built into its Apex M2X exciter.