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Harris Simplifies IP Migration

New card helps T1/E1-based users onto the Internet

Broadcast equipment maker Harris has a new Intraplex card, the CM-30, for converting current T1/E1 contribution/distribution systems into IP-based systems.

Along with Intraplex multiplexers, the CM-30 card is operational with SynchroCast3 simulcast systems, NetXpress and NetXpress LX IP multiplexers. It is compatible with Intraplex Web and SNMP remote operation.

The CM-30 also is designed to cut costs by eliminating expensive T1/E1 line costs and porting signals onto less expensive IP networks. Such targets would include STLs such as STL HD and AudioLink Plus or public safety data and voice services.

“The module plugs into existing Intraplex multiplexer frames for immediate conversion to IP, providing a large installed base of Intraplex legacy STL users with a seamless and cost-effective upgrade path,” the company stated.