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Harris to the Maxx

NAB Sneak Peek: ZoneCasting demo scheduled along with debut of new Flexiva transmitters

Harris is planning to introduce its MaxxCasting concept to the industry at the NAB Show with a first demo showing Flexiva transmitters, Intraplex SynchroCast units and GPS technologies working in unison to boost signal coverage for FM radio stations.

The company says that MaxxCasting is ideal for broadcasters that want to replace ineffective signal boosters today, and later upgrade the architecture to support targeted advertising via the proposed ZoneCasting model from Harris and Geo-Broadcast Solutions, which would require FCC approval.

Another debut includes four low-power Flexiva transmitter models to the North American audience. Outputs are 50, 150, 300 and 500 W. These are aimed at low-power stations, gap fill and single-frequency transmitter networks with multiple transmitter locations across a market.

The Flexiva family of FM transmitters now offers an optional internal Orban Optimod-FM 5500 series multiband digital audio processor plug-in card. Harris says this gives budget-conscious broadcasters the audio processing power and control of the standalone Optimod 5500, built into the transmitter at less than half the cost. The Flexiva incorporates a DSP based, five-band audio processor with a dual-band, window-gated AGC. It is integrated with the Flexiva’s graphical user interface.

Also new for the NAB audience is the Intraplex IP Link 200. The IP Link 200 has two bidirectional stereo inputs for multichannel capability, supports multiple audio formats and has a “multicoding” ability, which enables simultaneous delivery of audio in many formats. Dynamic Stream Splicing sends multiple identical streams over the same network to avoid service interruptions from packet loss.

NAB Show Booth: N2503