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HD Radio Antennas From Jampro

HD Radio Antennas From Jampro

Jampro is unveiling several antennas for stations converting to HD Radio.
The JMPC-HD antenna is the medium-power version of the Jampro FM Penetrator. The Penetrator HD, available with and without deicers or radomes, is for use as a separate or interleaved antenna for HD Radio broadcast. Each bay consists of a Penetrator-style radiating element with a 1-5/8-inch shunt feed line. Multiple frequency design is available.
The Dual Input HD antenna, called JSHD HD FM, provides isolated and separate inputs for analog and digital transmitters. This approach allows the digital transmitter to operate at its target power with no power lost in a reject load and no power reduction caused by “lossy” digital injectors, Jampro claims.
The Optimizer JBCP-H-HD FM side-mount antenna is designed for digital HD broadcast applications that require separate or interleaved bays that are relatively insensitive to icing conditions, as well as high power handling. Each element is fabricated with thick-wall brass and copper with a 3-1/8-inch outside diameter.
Capable of handling 40 kW, the JBCP-H is one of the highest-power side-mount FM antennas available, the company says.
And the RCHA-323-10HD Digital FM Radio combiner provides isolation and properly sized inputs for analog and digital FM transmitters. Effective self-cooling techniques provide safe combining without the need for AC-powered cooling fans, according to the manufacturer.
Jampro can provide the combiner for use with station provided coax and reject load, or as a system with these components included for quick installation. A lower-power rated RCHA-222-10HD is available.
Booth: C-1517

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