HD Radio at the Top 25 Groups

Radio World/BIAfn report shows which big companies have embraced it most fully.
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A new summary from Radio World and BIA Financial Network shows that Radio One, Greater Media, Bonneville and CBS are among the big radio owners that have the highest percentage of stations on the air in HD Radio.

According to the HD Radio Scoreboard in the Nov. 19 issue of Radio World, which uses BIAfn's Media Access Pro data, all stations at both Radio One and Greater Media are now airing HD Radio.

Bonneville is at 93% on-air penetration, CBS Radio is at 87%. Top 25 companies with little or no penetration include Salem at 1% and Inner City at 0%.

The latest scoreboard also shows that the number of FMs multicasting continues to climb toward 1,000; there are 945 on the air with multicast channels, compared to 743 a year ago; and of those now multicasting, 340 are owned by Clear Channel.


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Radio Groups Build a Shared Data Channel

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