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Helpin’ With Makin’ Cables

Belden debuts cable tools line

As an experienced engineer knows, odds are high that any prepared cable brought to a job site will be either too short, way too long or have at least one wrong connector …

Cable maker Belden is riding to the rescue with a line of cable assembly tools, and compression connectors for use with those tools.

Designed for use with coaxial cable (preferably made by Belden, of course), a connector assembly tool is available for F, BNC and RCA connectors along with the appropriate compression base connectors. Coax strippers are also available.

When used with Belden cable, the connectors get a warranty and are guaranteed to meet SCTE standards. If used with Belden’s BNC and RCA connectors a “pop-pin” will confirm a proper connection visually.

Belden Vertical Marketing Manager for Commercial Audio/Video Products Chris Nieshalla states that the company wants to provide “a complete, single-source field installation solution that includes the cabling, connectors and tools.” With components to working as a system, installers and integrators can work more effectively.