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Henry Engineering Distributes New PowerClamp

Series 10 is the biggest yet for surge suppression series

Henry Engineering, distributor of the PowerClamp, will bring to the NAB Show the newest and biggest in that product line, the Series 10 Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS).

These are able to handle a whopping 200,000 surge-amps and are designed for sites susceptible to lightning damage. The PowerClamp uses multiple surge attenuation circuits and sine wave tracking to perform its magic and “will attenuate power line spikes and surges to within a few volts of the AC sine wave,” according to the company.

It has a 1–2 nanosecond response time and should be maintenance-free and non-degrading. They meet UL-1449 and ANSI/IEEE C62-41 1980 guidelines.

PowerClamps are available for single- and three-phase electrical systems.

The PowerClamp is made by Sine Control Technology and distributed by Henry Engineering.