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Henry Matches Mike and m!ka

Mic arm tally light controller available

Leave it to Henry Engineering to find this niche — a two-color tally light controller for use with sophisticated microphone arms, such as those in Yellowtec’s m!ka line.

Mike Alert
provides the power and control circuitry for interfacing the mic arm to the tally outputs of a console, router or other equipment. The rear panel of the Mike Alert provides XLR I/Os. A five-pin XLR brings the audio in from the mic on the arm while a three-pin XLR takes the audio to the console.

Each Mike Alert can control two arms. In addition, it operates white and red colored lights. It can work with Henry’s Superelay for control of studio on-air signs.

Like many of Henry Engineering’s blue boxes, Mike Alert is 1/3-rack size and can be mounted in a rack.

Price: $250.