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Henry Mixes It Up

Offers ‘MonitorMix’ option for its SixMix USB Console.

(click thumbnail)Henry Engineering is offering a “MonitorMix” option for its SixMix USB Console.

The compact console often is used for doing remote broadcasts, the company says, where the talent may need to hear a mix of local program audio and the “return cue” audio sent from the main studio back to the remote site. This enables the remote talent to hear what’s being aired.

“The MonitorMix option does exactly that,” Henry states. “Return cue audio that’s sent via POTS, IP, ISDN, etc. can be mixed with the SixMix Program bus, so the remote-site talent can hear both in his headphones. A mix-level control allows the return cue audio level to match that of the SixMix Program bus audio.”

The option can be ordered with any SixMix console and added to SixMix units already purchased. The cost for the option is $125.

Info: Call (626) 355-3656 or e-mail [email protected].